Parallel – response to daily prompt

If we were all to follow a parallel path, how would we ever meet? It is the space in between our paths that holds importance. In that space we find our chaos, our peace, our accomplishments and failures. That space is where we find our common ground. Side by side we can call ourselves compatible. But it is our intersection in that space of our experiences, both good and bad, that brings understanding. With understanding we find equality. With understanding we find less need for tolerance and more cause to celebrate. We find strength. We find coexistence.


Corrosion – response to daily prompt

And then there are days like this…

I wake from my own fractured slumber wondering if you rested well last night. I ponder long enough, till I wake enough, to remember I will never know the answer. It is almost audible…the sound of another fault line forming within me. My soul is as fractured as my sleep. Awake but unable to move; I must find a way to turn the crank, to rev myself to life like an old Model T. I need to roll down the road but only manage to roll over in bed. I am corroded. I am rusted from tears and frozen in place by memories of you.

The Wisdom of Maya Angelou – response to daily prompt

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you. – Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou was right. Whether it is that great science-fiction novel that has been churning in your head for the last twenty years or a heartbreaking admission of being molested as a child; there is a story in all of us. And for some, the need to put the story out there can be unbearable to suppress but equally daunting to release. Why do we need to tell our stories? What stops us from fulfilling that need?

One of the most basic human qualities is the need to share. We want to talk about ourselves. We want others to know how the world looks while standing in our shoes. We seek understanding. Yet, our fear that others won’t understand is what often prevents us from sharing our stories. We fear that others have no interest in what we have to say. We have insecurities about our abilities to express our thoughts clearly. If we cannot bring forth understanding then we leave ourselves open to being judged by someone who may not have all the information. That is a frustrating and frightening prospect for most of us.

Sharing may be a fundamental need but certainly not our only one. Another baseline trait we all have is the need to fulfill our own desires. Suppressing a need, letting things fester inevitably leads to an explosion, metaphorically speaking. Tempers erupt, emotions spill out; often unexpectedly and uncontrollably. Keeping our stories locked up stifles our thinking. It depletes precious space needed for new thoughts and ideas.

For those who do get their stories out, you will often hear them say they do it because they need to. Believe them. That need does not and should not mean that they don’t want others to know their story. But one is a need, the other a desire. If you need to tell your story then do it. Write it, speak it, paint it, play it. Use whatever method comes natural to you. Fulfill your need. Worry about if anyone is paying attention later.

I Don’t Want To Discuss Politics – response to daily prompt

Despite politics being among the three taboo subjects, I have always enjoyed a lively political chat. I have even enjoyed healthy debate about politics as long as my counterpart is knowledgeable. Those days are gone!

I am still interested in political affairs. In fact it is more than an interest. I see it as a responsibility to educate myself and to stay abreast of current news. Other than a few exceptions, I just don’t want to “discuss” politics anymore. “Our country is divided”, has become a catch phrase. It is reality and the impact of that reality has been lessened by turning it into a cliche. Too many people seem too willing to accept division. Too many people ignore that the divide can be and needs to be healed. It takes effort, an open mind and willingness to compromise. Instead they choose to swallow the political froth like it was a slice of chocolate cake. They devour it. Then they repeat it and re-post it; closing doors on family and friendships in the process. I don’t want to talk politics until people stop using political ideology to determine someones worth as a human or who gets invited to the family gatherings.