Banner of Guilt – response to daily prompt

I still respond to your name, your face

Like a dog’s ear perks to a whistle

Our garden so once lovingly tended

Left to waste

And now grows only rows

Of thorns and thistle

Nothing remains but dust and rubble

Like lost temples long ago built

Our kingdom once so joyously planned

Fell to siege

A reign waned by pain

Our banner is guilt

My Awkwardness – response to daily prompt

A flame appears doused

Perhaps to the gawkers

But the fire still smolders

In the corners and fissures

Hidden by ash and cinders


My heart looks the same

Healed and happy think others

But hidden deep in me

Within the wounds and scars

An eternal fire, once ours


I inch forward day by day

My truth shielded from others

I fear the death of the flame

I remain shamed and unheard

With my own self, am awkward

Infect with Good – response to daily prompt

I am not a celebrity watcher. I don’t care who is dating who or what celebrities are wearing. I do have interest and respect for musicians, actors, writers and artists whose work I enjoy. The latter led me to follow Lin-Manuel Miranda on Twitter. I enjoy his voice and his musical talents. I share many of his social beliefs. But the main reason I follow him is to read his, “Gmorning” and “Gnight” Tweets. He posts them each morning and night, Monday through Friday. ( He shuts his social media down each weekend for family/personal time.) His messages are the very definition of “positive”! They inspire. They uplift. And they are fun!

With so much of social media being devoted to the darker side of what is happening in the world, Lin-Manuel Miranda chooses to focus on the good. He takes moments out of each of his busy days to think of everyone else. He spreads supportive, love and encouragement to all. Using a platform so full of negative, he uses it to infect the world with genuine, affirming joy. I don’t know about your world but my world needs more folks like him.

Below are some of his recent Tweets.  For those who wish to follow Lin-Manuel Miranda on Twitter, you can find him here.

Your Words and Mine – response to daily prompt

I’ve not written much

In the last few days

Life has been my obstacle

In the happiest of ways

Mothers Day happened

Both my children were here

A day spent with them

Memories made so dear

Spring has just arrived

But summer heat is landing

The flower beds need tending

The garden needs planting

I enjoy playing in dirt

It’s good for my soul

Whether I’m planting flowers

Or getting weeds in control

But the last few days

The beds, planting and weeding

Has left little time

For blog writing and reading

The yard has kept me busy

Blogging time has been thin

But there is rain in the forecast

So I’ll get to stay in

I’ve missed reading your words

Missed writing mine too

Merry blogging to me

And also to you!

Sweet Tooth – response to daily prompt

There it sits

A pecan pie

Golden and sweet

Catching my eye

I could eat it

In a single sitting

But then my pants

Would not be fitting

A nutty treat

The crave is building

Dreams of ice cream

I’m Lilly gilding

Grabbing a fork

But still deciding

My sweet tooth is

The judge presiding

I’m digging in

One bite then another

I eat up half

Without a pother

A sweet urged pleased

So delightfully

I’ll regret later

But only slightfully

Skewed – daily prompt

You take everything said

With a twist and turn

Your imagination burns

Your alternative reality

curved and random

Misshapen puzzles

Formed in your head


You throw away what you learn

With fervor and haste

Relationships waste

Your exposed duality

Devious and vile

Forsaken loved ones

You’ve fed to the quern


It’s only yourself you delude

With denial and hate

Your emptied plate

Your mental debris

Rotting and sour

Malformed ego

Your life lived skewed