I Don’t Want To Discuss Politics – response to daily prompt

Despite politics being among the three taboo subjects, I have always enjoyed a lively political chat. I have even enjoyed healthy debate about politics as long as my counterpart is knowledgeable. Those days are gone!

I am still interested in political affairs. In fact it is more than an interest. I see it as a responsibility to educate myself and to stay abreast of current news. Other than a few exceptions, I just don’t want to “discuss” politics anymore. “Our country is divided”, has become a catch phrase. It is reality and the impact of that reality has been lessened by turning it into a cliche. Too many people seem too willing to accept division. Too many people ignore that the divide can be and needs to be healed. It takes effort, an open mind and willingness to compromise. Instead they choose to swallow the political froth like it was a slice of chocolate cake. They devour it. Then they repeat it and re-post it; closing doors on family and friendships in the process. I don’t want to talk politics until people stop using political ideology to determine someones worth as a human or who gets invited to the family gatherings.


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